Can You Use Canned Spray Paint on Interior Walls

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

Do you know how often people consider painting as a part of hobbies? Yes! Since decades. These artworks boost their creativity. Some artists are so much into picture works that they often consider arts, sketches, paints, etc., as a career.

And talking about wall painting or interior painting, then I would help you to recall that every single painter initiates their paintwork from their own indoors.

As indoor paintings are fun and challenging at the same time, painters often prefer a brush to make them precise. But do you know that using spray paint cans, you can make a more detailed and refined interior design than using a brush?

YES, Brush and Spray Paint cans are the only tools you can rely on to help you get a precise interior wall design.

Don’t you want to know how that can be possible? Well, if yes, then you are in the right place. This article will explain how you can use canned spray paint on interior walls and how spray cans can be more beneficial than traditional colors.

Besides that, you will get to know many more hints, tips, tricks of applying spray paints on your room walls. Finally, I also provided small suggestions about how you can make you indoors look stand out.

Let’s not elaborate more over here and jump down to the body portion of this content to know the detailed information.

Difference Between Traditional paints and Spray Paints

Once, people mostly preferred brush and tool kits to provide their furniture a new look. But as days passed, new methods are getting available in the market, making the painting passion much more time-saving.

While speaking about the latest painting method, spray painting comes first. Spray paintings are much easier compared to the brush or other types of painting methods.

Moreover, suppose you use spray paints and make mistakes while painting. In that case, there are absolute chances of forgiving the mistake or correcting it. But if you make any mistake while using brush paints or any other paints, there are no chances of fixing it.

Apart from that, spray paints are mostly oil-based, which makes fine adheres on the surfaces. Besides, it is also very cheap and very durable than traditional colors.

Types of Suitable Paints For Interior Walls

Many people get confused about what is so thinkable over here in the case of wall painting? Well, it is not like that. If you need precision in your work, you must choose a suitable painting tool according to your purpose.

But the most common ways that most expert painters prefer are roller paintings and spray paintings.

Here in this section, you will know more details about those painting methods and why the interior designers mostly prefer them.

1.   Painting Using Roller

In the case of indoor paintings or designing, roller painting is a top choice for designers. Using this tool, they can control the paint flow very nicely. It prevents the paint from getting to the incorrect places.

A good roller kit always satisfies the interior designers and delivers precise finishing on the details or designs.

Most of the roller kits include the roller itself, tray, and pile sleeves. You will also need disposable gloves, a hand paint mixer, a brush pack, and a disposable suit with a hoodie cap. After that, you are ready to go for the quick painting job.

2.   Painting Using Spray Cans

Here comes the most significant part of indoor designing. Every single indoor designer around the globe is a die-hard fan of spray cans. Mostly, young-stars who are more into the graffiti and wall arts.

Spray cans are also a suitable and ideal choice for outdoor artworks. Spray paints allow the painting job to be complete within less time and quicker.

If you require a professional outlook and precise finishing on any objects, then spray cans are perfect for it. A spray can knob allow paints to spread quickly and long in the distance. All you have to care about is spray painting; do not waste paints and avoid oversprays.

The controlling, finishing, applying methods, detailing, and many more, is way better than the traditional paints. Spray paints are useful for small objects like rims, stairs, and larger things like walls, gardens, garage doors. Spray paints allow a comfort zone in painting.

 Well, both paints include strong supportive zones in their cases. But everyone mostly cares for the professional finishing, fantastic looks, durability, and takes less time to finish. In that case, no other painting method can beat spray paints.

The procedure of Spray painting on Interior Walls?

Till now, if you are still worried about how you can use canned spray paint on interior walls, then follow this section of the content. Here, I discussed the complete procedure of applying colors on walls using spray cans.

1.   Step 01 (Devising the Surface)

No matter what type of paints you use, if the surface isn’t that smooth, the color won’t be good at finishing nor looking.

For a smoother surface, clean it first using a soft cloth (mostly made of cotton). Remove all the dust and dirt particles by rubbing the surface with the fabric.

Take high care of the rough places of the surface before you start spraying paint on them. Use high-quality putty on the cracks to get a fine finishing after applying paint on it.

2.   Step 2 (Preparing the Paint)

Unlike the other painting methods like roller paints, spray paints need some preparation before applying.

Spray paints must need to be lighter compared to the other dyes. You will provide multiple layers of colors on the surface. Thus soft paints will allow more flexibility in painting.

3.   Step 03 (Start Spraying)

While using spray cans, you must not zigzag them. Provide one by one layer to get a good finishing and a proper formation.

Start applying from one corner of the surface, and go all the way you want your design to fill with paint.

One more thing. While spraying, make sure the spray can is 300mm away from the surface and provides even strokes. Well, this makes the paint spread evenly and makes the surface smooth.

Start with one side at a time so that it takes even time to get dry. Be careful with the corners, as corners take more paint to get covered. Use the air sprayer in a sideway manner to coat the corner area very nicely.

Here comes the end! See? How easy. Honestly, you will get more fun while applying it.

Wrapping Up

So far, in this context, you have found a lot of important topics you can follow to know the complete details about using canned spray paint on interior walls. I covered everything in this context, from the difference between spray paints and the other paints to applying spray paints.

Therefore, even if you are using spray paints for the first time, this article was a complete guide for you. Moreover, if you want to know anything else regarding spray paints, please let me know by commenting in the comment section down below.