The procedure of Using Spray Paint for Styrofoam Balls

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

We all have seen styrofoam balls. These balls are mostly known for decorative purposes and crafting works. Often projects like science labs, holiday presents, and functional preschool decoration also include these multi-design styrofoam balls.

However, these balls are pretty easy to use, but multiple problems arise when it comes to painting them. Spray painting a styrofoam ball is really a tricky thing to do.

Applying direct spray paint on a styrofoam ball will melt it instantly. Therefore, for custom decorating styrofoam balls using spray paints, you have to know the proper way of applying them.

And in this article, I mentioned the detailed step-by-step tutorial of using spray paints on styrofoam balls.

Applying Process of Spray Paint on Styrofoam Balls

Before you know the process, you must remember that acrylic paints go better than enamel paints. The enamel present in the regular spray paints will start eating the ball’s foam once you apply it.

To avoid this issue and get a proper finishing of paint on the styrofoam balls, you must use oil-based or latex paints. These paints are available in every form (like brush paints, canned sprays, bucket paints, etc.) in the market. Therefore, you must use the proper one that suits your desire.

Now let’s get back to the “Applying method” module and know how we can make styrofoam balls look more decorative and attention grabber:

  1. Procedure 01

As we know, styrofoam balls can’t consume color completely. If you want to give it a coloring look, you must cover it with fabrics or aluminum foils before applying the paint.

Well, whatever you choose in this case as a coating, make sure to cover the outer surface of the ball completely. In short, put only one layer cover so that the foil or cloth sealant with the body in a flat manner.

Remember, the surface must have to be smooth. I am recommending the same thing again and again because it is essential. Otherwise, if the layer includes ups and downs or corners, it will interrupt everything while painting the styrofoam ball.

2. Procedure 02

One more thing, over here, you can use the wooden skewer to make the fabric sealed nicely with the styrofoam ball. But in the case of aluminum foil, you won’t require anything to make it stick the foil around.

On the other hand, the skewer will help you to hold the styrofoam ball at a particular position and then apply the paint wherever you want it to be.

Hold the skewer at least 8 inches away from where you will spray the paints. As a result, it will avoid paint droppings and make your work more precise.

Spray the paint layer once on the styrofoam ball but don’t zigzag it. With the first layer of color, you cannot coat the ball thoroughly. So you can do one thing over here, apply layer by layers of paint. And continue this process until you get the actual color you want.

3. Procedure 03

Here comes the drying part of the styrofoam balls. Once you are done with painting, the next critical step is washing off the water and sticking the paint.

Well, while you start drying up the paint, make sure you stand it in an upright position. For doing that, you must fix it to something which will hold it steady.

In that case, the wooden skewer helps a lot. Set the skewer along with the styrofoam ball on a foam block or any other holder. I don’t think you need to tie it up with something. It will help to stay steady for a long time by itself.

The next step after you dry it is to repeat the entire process. I meant, once the balls get dried, apply another paint layer and let it dry again. Continue this process until you get the color you actually wanted.

Remember, lighter color requires less paint layers. Whereas, deeper color needs more paint layers. So if your color gradient is more, you need to apply more layers of paint one by one.


If you are using fabrics to cover up the styrofoam ball, then make sure that the fabric is as thin as possible. If you use the thinner fabric, the fabric won’t be visible. Thus, it will look like the ball has the color on it rather than using something else.

Wrapping Up Context

Painting on styrofoam balls ain’t that easy at all. Therefore, a few procedures in between, helps to get a precise output. And this article contains those step by step tutorials you are looking for.

Moreover, I also provided all the necessary tips that you require to spray paint an object. Apart from that, from this article you have also known a lot about painting criterias on styrofoam balls.

Well, if you are not into spray painting, then you can go for acrylic paints or a paintbrush to apply color directly on the styrofoam ball. It will make the surface of the ball more smoothly. But it will end up taking more time.