Can You Spray Paint Cloth Car Seats? ( 3 Steps )

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

Scarce people like to take care of their car and keep it clean regularly. Otherwise, it will be tough to find cars whose interiors are clean but not faded, junkyard, worn, etc.

Mostly, comes to the seats at first, as those are used or in touch every day. And that is why every car’s seat fabric starts to decolorize, wear off, etc. very quickly.

Accordingly, an unsatisfactory interior with torn-off seats starts to kill the devotion between the owner and the car. As a result, vehicles start to get abandoned.

Hence, to avoid such a miserable situation, people always prefer to retain their car’s interior as good-looking as possible. Even if the seats, dashboard leathers, and steering covers are torn off, they fix it just to make the interior look new again.

In fact, today I came up with this article where I mentioned the best solution to the most faced question: can you spray paint cloth car seats? Yes, Exactly! You can brush up and make your car seats look new again.

Is It Really Possible to Spray Paint Car Seats?

Honestly, it becomes tough to believe that car seats can be spray painted, as we all know spray paints ain’t for leather cloths. Moreover, you know that the interior will get busted once we start applying the spray paints.

But, this has a solution that I have applied, and it gave me a beneficial outcome. Thus, I mentioned these tactics in this article so that you can take out the 100% value of it.

Procedures & Methods of Spray Painting Car Seats

Before I start elaborating on the procedures, you must know that there are no special spray paints for car seat fabrics. Therefore, we will be using spray paints that are used for designing vinyl and customization activities.

Plenty of options are available in every local craft store, on spray paints. Thus, choosing the perfect one according to your need won’t be a big deal. Indeed, you can use these spray paints for painting your car seats.

Remember, to wash or paint a car seat you must undo the seat first and then paint it or clean it. Or else, your entire interior will be destroyed.

Well, to apply these paints, you must go through some steps to make them more precise and accurate for your seat covers. And those steps are:

Step 01 (Cleaning the Seats)

Before applying spray paints, the seat covers or seats must be clean enough to hold the color nicely. Otherwise, a simple dust particle is capable of making the color very weak and peelable.

And to get rid of dust completely (or clean precisely), use the vinegar mixture. “A proper vinegar mixture consists of: a small cup of vinegar, a gallon of boiling water, and a few drops of soap that is used to clean dishes”.

Now, use a brush or any hard scrub materials to swab off the stains and dust from the seats.

After that, clean the seat with cold water to rinse off the dust and dissolved wastewaters and leave it to half-dry.

Once the seat gets half-dried, you can use the laundry detergent to completely re-shower or rewash it so that it gets its last cleaning finish.

Cleaning Car Seats

Step 02 (Vacuum and Positioning)

Spray Paints sit very precisely in dry places. Thus, to make it stay on your seats for the long term, you have to apply it when the seats are spotless and dry.

For avoiding the debris, use a soft-bristled brush and brush firmly on every debris point to inseminate all the dirt, dust, and crumbs.

After that, use the vacuum hose to suck off every remaining particle (if any) from the seat fabric.

Repeat this entire method, unless or until the seat fabric gets thoroughly washed and becomes new.

Once you are done getting off the dust, place your seat or seat cover on a stand (or any stand-type object) so that you get complete access from all around Prepare the place for painting. (A dust-free place would be more suitable for this purpose).

Step 03 (Applying the Spray Paint)

Here comes the most sensible part of this context. Spray painting ain’t that easy at all, like the way it looks. It’s also an art. Thus, the more sensibly you do it, the better it will result.

As I have mentioned earlier, you can use no certain spray paints to paint your seats. But you can use any vinyl or fabric spray paints.

On the other hand, you must remember that light color spray paints allow more paint layers. That means if your seat color is brown or black. You want to make it yellow, you must apply multiple layers of colors to coat the black or brown color with the yellow one”.

Once you pick the right color and position the proper object’s seat, you are ready to go for the paint procedures.

  • Shake the spray can for about 10 to 20 seconds until you hear the ball clattering at the bottom of the can.
  • After that, hold the spray can at least 8 to 12 inches away from the seat and press the spray can button to release the paints.
  • Start spraying from the head of the seat till you reach the bottom. Keep on moving the spray can back and forth while spraying the paints to make the color sit appropriately on the fabric.
  • Pause, shake, and keep on spraying the paints on the entire chair simultaneously. Notice the edges or curves and ensure those places have an equal amount of color.
  • Once you are done with the first layer or coat, wait 10 to 20 minutes to let it dry nicely. After it gets dried, apply the second coat. Keep on following this procedure and apply coats of paint unless you get the exact color you want.
  • After that, leave it for final drying for about an hour, or you can also use the air pressure gauge to dry it manually (it gives more precision and gives a good look).


Car interiors play a significant role in case you like to stay dilapidated. Moreover, it gives a cheerful ambiance to using the car for the longer term. Especially the seats are the prime factor in this case.

If you like me suffered a lot from torn fabrics, food crumbs, and dirt seats, this article was the right option to get rid of this problem.

In this context, I mentioned all the procedures I followed to keep my seats clean and give them a new look. Hence, I got success. Now I am allowing you not to miss this opportunity and give your car’s interior a new appearance and make it look as you want.