8 Best Spray Paint for Ar15 (Quick Drying & Affordable)

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

Ar15 style rifles are one of the most popular sports and shooting rifles in the USA. And with such massive popularity, you already probably have an Ar15 at home. However, with time its charming and sleek finish might wear out that you won’t like.

Besides different painting techniques for firearms, spray paint would be the best alternative solution for fast drying, versatile colors, and finishes. These paints are affordable, easy to use, and will provide a smooth finish on the rifle exterior to bring back its original and stylish look.

Today is your lucky day since today we have made a list of the best spray paint for Ar15 with the detailed buying guide on these spray paints.

The 6 Best Spray Paint for Ar15 Reviews

The spray paints have different formulations these days for adhering strictly to the firearms. These spray paints have brilliant heat and moisture resistance to provide an extended lifespan for the finish.

Also, with different colors, hues, and finishes, you can use these spray paints to give your Ar15 rifles the perfect look you want.

1.     Rust-Oleum 249131 All Surface Spray Paint

Metallic finishes are always the top choice for aesthetic lovers for their luxury look. This Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint will take your choice one step above the expectation.

Once you apply the spray paint on your Ar15 riles, you will love the trendy and premier finish it brings to the rifle.

The spray paint is made of oil formulation. Hence, the oil-based paint will provide a sleeker finish. On top of it, the oil-based formula means it is rust, corrosion, and fade-resistant.

Thus, you need not worry while cleaning the firearm after use. Moreover, the paint becomes chip-resistant, too, once it dries. You will also love its quick-drying effect for quick use of the rifle after spray painting.

The spray material adheres to the surface strongly and needs only 30 minutes for drying. Also, it is universal spray paint. It means you can use spray paint on any surface, including wood, vinyl, plastic, concrete, and whatnot!

Thus, you can use it to repaint home furniture and outdoor spaces as well. And with 15 square feet of coverage, it is ready to finish off a few paint projects at ease.

The bottle is made pretty ergonomically for comfy uses. The trigger is ergonomic. You won’t need to apply too much pressure on it.

Also, the fine mist output of the spray material ensures a smooth and even finish without wasting too much paint.

Last but not least, with its shimmering and vibrant finish, you will love to use the spray paint on the Ar15 and even on home furniture.

Key Features

  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Coverage: 15 square feet
  • Finish: Metallic Bronze
  • Paint Type: Oil-based


  • U.V., rust, and fade-resistance for durability
  • The ergonomic trigger for comfy spray and finish
  • Fast dry facility for quick uses in emergencies
  • The sprayer paint is usable on nearly all surfaces.


  • The spray nozzle may get clogged easily

2.     Dupli Color DE1613 Engine Enamel with Ceramic

The main benefit of this spray paint is that it has been made entirely in the U.S.

Therefore, the US-made spray paint truly meets all the standards for rifle painting. It means you can almost trust its quality, durability, and exemplary finish without thinking twice.

To begin with, the enamel paint comes with a glossy black finish. So, this spray paint is a must for those who love to give their Ar15 rifles a beautiful yet frightening look. It has used advanced formulas with ceramic coating.

The ceramic resin creates a top cover and keeps the paint upright even at 500°F temperature. It is crucial since continuous shooting with the rifle will increase its heat.

Thus, the ceramic coating will prevent chipping in such conditions.

Plus, the enamel paint has brilliant heat dissipation. It dissipates the heat quickly and helps in retaining the high gloss finish better. And for durability, it is rust, fading, and U.V. resistance.

Hence, it is a perfect Ar15 sprayer paint for outdoor uses. It will also prevent the paint surface from automotive fluids.

The paint dries within 30 minutes for the second coating and takes less than 48 hours for curing. So, it is great to spray paint for quick uses. Last but not least, the nozzle features an E.Z. touch.

It means it will need less pressure and will come with an even flow. It prevents overflow of the paint and ensures a sleek and even finish, even if you lack skills in spray painting.

Key Features

  • Brand: Dupli Color
  • Finish: Gloss Black
  • Paint Type: Enamel-based
  • Spray volume: 16 ounces


  • The spray paint is available in multiple finishes.
  • Dissipates heat and withstands up to 500° temperature
  • U.V., rust, and fade-resistance formula for outdoor uses
  • E.Z. touch nozzle won’t clog easily and prevents overflow


  • The user instructions aren’t pretty clear

3.     Rust-Oleum 312817 Stops Rust Spray Paint

This is our second pick for spray paint for Ar15 guns from Rust-Oleum, and it will outrank most of the spray paints in its class.

The spray paint comes with the historical gloss Cambridge stone finish. It has the perfect combination of eye-pleasing look and aesthetics.

Thus, your favorite Ar15 gun will get a truly new look with this rust-resistant spray paint.

What’s more, spray paint, thankfully, is ideal for all surfaces, including wood, plastic, concrete, metal, and masonry. Hence, you can apply the spray paint to revive any guns, pistols, and firearms of different types. But that’s not the end yet.

The spray paint comes with rust, fading, U.V., and weather-resistant features. Therefore, you can use the paint material for both indoor and outdoor painting works. 

Also, its oil-based formula provides greater durability in all conditions that is worth the money.

The spray paint is a little slow in terms of drying. It takes nearly 3 to 4 hours for touch and needs up to 48 hours for full curing. But it’s worth waiting because of its premium finish and lasting durability.

Plus, its glossy white finish will make the Ar15 newer too.

Each spray can provide enough paint material to cover 15 square feet area. It is enough to paint a firearm and even some interior and exterior space.

And with the ergonomic trigger, the spray paint offers a smooth and even finish without overflow and paint wastage.

Key Features

  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • overage: 15 square feet
  • Finish: Gloss Cambridge Stone
  • Paint Type: Oil-based


  • The spray paint is U.V., rust, chipping, and weather-proof for durability.
  • With weather-proof formula, you can use it indoors and outdoors.
  • The trigger nozzle is easy to use and won’t clog until the spray finishes.
  • You can use it for all kinds of firearms recoloring and other spaces.


  • The paint is available in one finish only

4.     Krylon K04291000 Camouflage Spray Paint

If any spray paint brand can compete with Rust-Oleum in terms of performance, durability, and versatility, Krylon would be that brand.

And this time, we introduce to you one of the top-selling spray paints from Krylon.

Yes, the camouflage finish of this Krylon spray paint has made hue and cry in the market, and it has become a popular material for painting both indoor and outdoor furniture, surfaces, and whatnot.

Its beautiful khaki camouflage will give the Ar15 guns and pistols a totally different look. You can’t ignore the style it will bring in the guns. Plus, the paint can come with a comfy trigger for quick and even spraying the paint material.

Hence, even an amateur will love the easy and comfy application of this spray paint.

The technology adopts a fusion of plastic paint with an aerosol spray. It offers the maximum durability for the paint. Additionally, its formula is made rust, fading, chipping, and abrasion-resistant.

So, after applying the paint, you can take Ar15 guns wherever you want with such premium protections. Also, it ensures that the gun will need no repainting shortly, and it’s worth the money.

The camouflage finish is simple and non-reflective. Hence, you can better use the gun for hunting or sports shooting without any distraction.

Last but least, the paint is affordably priced and can be used on interior and exterior furniture with promising performance.

Key Features

  • Brand: Krylon
  • Coverage: 12-15 square feet
  • Finish: Khaki camouflage
  • Paint Type: Plastic-based


  • The non-reflective paint is ideal for hunting and sports shooting
  • You can use the spray paint for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • The paint is highly durable with abrasion and fade-resistance
  • Affordable pricing with good paint coverage too


  • The trigger needs more pressure for applying the paint

5.     Brownells Aluma-Hyde – Epoxy Based Firearms Finish (Matte Black)

The Brownells Aluma spray paint is particularly made for firearms. This simple feature should be enough to convince you to buy this superior spray paint. Aren’t you convinced yet?

Then, let’s go deep into the best features of this top-quality firearm spray paint finish.

The spray paint has an epoxy-based formula. It is stronger than oil-based paints. Thus, it adheres to the firearm better than other regular spray paints.

Also, the manufacturer has addressed one of the basic issues with spray paint for firearms. Since you will use different commercial cleaners and chemicals to wipe out debris and specks of dust from the guns, most spray paint can’t withstand them.

But this issue has been solved with this firearm spray finish.

It has great resistance to solvents, chemicals, and other cleaning products. Thus, the finish won’t be wiped out as you clean the gun.

Moreover, the epoxy-based spray paint has U.V., rust, and chipping resistance as well. It means you can depend on its long-lasting durability and performance.

Also, its high-density pigment will stick to steel, metal, aluminum, and plastic surfaces better.

The Aluma-Hyde finish is available in different hues and colors. So, you are at liberty to choose the right paint finish that you want.

Key Features

  • Brand: Brownells
  • Coverage: 12-14 square feet
  • Finish: Different finishes are available
  • Paint Type: Epoxy-based


  • The spray paint is solvent, chemical, and cleaner-resistant for durability
  • Strong and thick paint pigments stick to most surfaces strongly
  • The spray finish is available in multiple colors to suit your requirements


  • Its paint coverage is a little disappointing.

6.     Brownells Aluma-Hyde – Epoxy Based Firearms Finish (O.D. Green)

This is the second selection from Brownells. And it is no exception to the premium benefits of the Aluma-Hyde formulated spray paint finish.

Since this spray paint has been made especially for firearms, you will find many interesting and practical features of this item.

For instance, the epoxy-based formula is resistant to bore cleaners. Plus, it will withstand solvents, commercial cleaners, and different chemicals.

It is a great relief for firearm owners as they often will complain about the firearm painting being washed away during the gun cleaning.

But the O. D. green spray paint won’t let you face such issues. It also holds up for lubricants, oil, moisture, and heat as well for added durability.

The spray paint has an epoxy-based formula. It has thicker pigments that will stick to any surface strongly and evenly. You can use it for repainting Ar15, other firearms, and even furniture.

It is usable with interior and exterior spaces thanks to the brilliant fade and weather-proof formula.

For the best results, we recommend you use spray paint with a decent nozzle. Spray it at 80° to 90° angle to prevent overflow and wastage too. Its deep green color will melt your heart, and easiness of applying the paint will bring a smile to your face.

Key Features

  • Brand: Brownells
  • Coverage: 12 square feet
  • Finish: O. D. Green
  • Paint Type: Epoxy-based


  • The paint withstands different arms cleaning solvents and cleaners
  • Even and smooth finish on the paint surface for a sleeker look
  • Extremely easy to spray with the ergonomic spray nozzle and tip
  • Durable performance with rust, abrasion, fading, and chipping-resistance


  • The nozzle may get clogged soon.

Let’s look forward to an amazing spray paint sticker for ar15

Acid Tactical 2 Designs Adhesive Sticker Spray Paint

This set of spray paint stickers is made for adventurous people. If you want something new yet long-lasting paint for your favorite Ar15 gun, this Acid Tactical adhesive sticker is made for you. It comes in different designs.

These design cutouts are attractive and charming. So, you will be at full liberty to choose the design and shape of the spray paint you want on the rifles, guns, or any painted surface.

The stickers are made of vinyl and have a premium adhesive backing. Thus, it will stick to any surface quickly and easily. While you apply the sticker on the surface, make sure you push it using the thumb and stop any bubbles inside.

Its beautiful white finish looks premium and luxurious too.

What’s more, the adhesive is pretty strong, too, ensuring that it won’t peel off unless you do it deliberately. You can use the sticker on wood, plastic, and metal surfaces with equal performance.

As it sticks to the paint surface strongly, you can focus on the paint spray work more. Once you have finished off the painting and dried it, you can quickly peel off the sticker. Its edges are smooth and so won’t ruin the paint at all.

The package includes 3 sheets with two main sheets and one for practice.

So, you can practice and improve your painting skill before applying the final touch with the stickers. You can use it for all kinds of pistols, shotguns, and rifles, including the Ar15 too.

Key Features

  • Brand: Acid Tactical
  • Packages: 3 sheets
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: White


  • Strong adhesive backing sticks on surfaces easily.
  • Easy to peel off after using the spray paint material
  • One extra sheet for practice for the best paint output
  • Reasonable pricing and easy uses even for novice users


  • Only a few available designs

How to paint any rifles including ar15

Buying Guide for The Best Spray Paint for Ar15

Ar15 guns and pistols are among the most popular firearms in the U.S. since 2005. It has almost become a household product. However, many owners complain that its original paint isn’t pretty impressive.

So, they want to give their Ar15 firearm a new look.

Here, we reviewed eight top-quality sprayer paints for Ar15. So, it should make your buying decision easy and quick. But what about if you are still unsure about which spray paint to get?

Well, we have prepared the following buyer guide to solve these issues too. Here, you will get to know about the most crucial factors to consider while buying spray paint for Ar15.

So, let’s go with it.

Versatile Uses

You should make no mistake that the Ar15 guns are made using one material. It has multiple materials of different kinds in various parts. Hence, the spray paint needs to adhere to all these different gun materials.

This brings us to the spray paint versatility. It should quickly adhere to different surfaces such as plastic, epoxy, metal, concrete, etc. If the paint lacks versatility, its vibrant finish would be of no use; remember it.


The efficiency of the Ar15 gin depends on its proper cleaning once in a while. Hence, you need to clean the gun and its parts using different solvents and cleaners. These can have an adverse effect on the paint spray if its formula doesn’t have resistance.

Spray paint with solvent and chemical resistance will retain its color longer. Also, it needs to have U.V., rust, and abrasion-resistant. Otherwise, you will experience a quick wearing out of the paint and feel depressed.

Last but not least, it has to have fade and chip resistance for the best durability.

Color Variance and Finishes

You will obviously want your Ar15 to look impressive and eye-pleasing once you use the spray paint. And thus, the color variance and finishes are extremely crucial. The finishes can be matte, metallic, glossy, stony, etc.

Similarly, the color and hues will vary from deep green to blue, white, and black. It will depend entirely on your imagination. Some will even come with multiple patterns.

Our all-reviewed spray paints in this list offer great finishes and color variances. So, you can quickly choose the paint you want.

Hand Touch and Cure Time

Another important feature to select the spray paints is their hand touch time. It refers to the precise time you would have to wait until the gun can be touched after painting. It can vary from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

The faster the hand touch time, the faster the paintwork will be.

Similarly, the cure time is pretty important too. It might need up to 48 hours. And all spray paint has more or less the same cure time. So, it needs less focus.

The Result and Comfort

Spray paints are known for their smoothest and even paint results. It means you need not worry about scars and unevenness on the guns. However, a better spray nozzle will deliver better results too.

So, look at the spray nozzle setup as well.

Furthermore, consider the comfort of holding the spray can and trigger. It should be ergonomic and easy to use without any pressure.

Tips On Spray Painting Ar15 Guns

  1. When you plan to spray paint the Ar15 gun, you need to prepare first. Block the sensitive parts so that the paint doesn’t enter these points to prevent damage. Also, clean the surface so the paint can adhere to it better.
  2. First off, use the trigger with an even flow for a smooth base layer. Once the base layer is done, you have to wait, so it dries off, and you can apply the second coating.
  3. When you apply the second coat, make sure it is smooth. Also, instead of putting too much paint in one go, choose thin layers. It will help you in getting a smooth finish relatively easy and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is spray paint worthy for firearms?

Firearms such as Ar15 will wear out as days passes by. Hence, you might want to repaint the gun to revive its look. Spray paint can be an easy and affordable solution to this problem. You won’t need professional paint, and so, the cost will be reduced considerably.

Will the spray paint stick to firearms and guns?

Yes, the spray paints reviewed in the list will adhere to the firearm surface strongly. However, we recommend you clean the surface for the spray paint. Once the Ar15 surface is clean and you choose the right spray paint, you rest assured of great output.

Will spray painting reduce the rifle’s accuracy?

No, as long as the painting is right, it won’t reduce the barrel accuracy. So, there’s no need for a faulty rifle barrel after the painting.


Ar15 and other firearms are highly sensitive equipment. Hence, when you want to repaint them, you must be careful. Therefore, we have reviewed the eight best spray paint for Ar15 to make your paintwork on the gun and pistol easy and comfy.

These spray paints are easy to apply and will adhere to the Ar15 surface strictly. Plus, our article includes tips on spray paint uses.

Therefore, your overall painting experience should be memorable, and you would love the revived look of the gun.