How to Fix Uneven Spray Paint (Solve in 6 Easy Steps)

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

When you spray paint any surface, all you want is an attractive and even finish. Unfortunately, in many cases, spray paint finish results in an uneven one making the surface look uglier. Thus, many people ask, “How to fix uneven spray paint?”

Well, if you are one of these people and wondering about uneven spray paint fixing solutions, you have hit the right page. Today’s article will discuss the common reasons for uneven spray paint and how to fix the unevenness for a smoother spray paint surface. 

Types and Reasons of Uneven Paint Surface That You Should Know

When we talk about the unevenness of the spray paint, we don’t refer to its bumpiness like a mountain and hilly regions.

Instead, we talk about the discontinuity and inconsistency of the paint throughout the entire painted surface.  The unevenness may be of different kinds, but the most common ones include the following:

  • Orange peel refers to an improperly painted surface as it truly looks like a peeled orange. It happens as the texture has blemishes and imperfections. It might happen due to improper sprayer gun, inadequate pressure from the gun, and the use of too thick or thin paint particles for the painting job. 
  • Paint dripping from the painted surface is another common reason for uneven paint surface. When you thin the paint too much, it will lose its adhesive power considerably. Thus, the paint will drip from the surface. Also, improper use of paint thinner can cause this problem. 
  • Sometimes you will see tiny craters on the painted surface. These craters are circular shaped and happen due to contamination of oil and deposits with the paint. The problem is referred to as the fish eye as the circular craters truly look like the fish’s eyeball. 
spray paint designs on walls

How to Fix Uneven Spray Paint

Fixing an uneven spray paint is easier than most DIY painters imagine. All you need is to follow our step-by-step guidelines and assemble everything you need for the fixation process. 

Things you will need to fix uneven spray paint:

  • Spray gun
  • New paint 
  • Drop Cloth 
  • Sandpaper
  • Sanding block
  • Paintbrush 
  • Rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Preparing the surface

Firstly, clean off the surface you want to fix the unevenness. Before spraying paint on the metal surfaces, you should use a moist rug to clean off the debris and deposits.

And for the plastic paint surface, clean it with a soft cloth. If you have a wooden surface, applying trisodium phosphate (TSP) would be the best option. It will eliminate any remaining coating of the previous paint. 

Also, inspect the unevenness to identify what needs to do to hide the imperfections from the painted wall. 

Step 2: Test the sprayer gun

Since you will use the sprayer gun this time to remove the blemishes from the painted surface, you should test spray the gun before applying the paint.

Firstly, adjust the sprayer gun air pressure to the recommended level. Use the knob on the sprayer handle for the pressure adjustment. 

Set the pressure at a low setting and test it on a tiny surface. Continue increasing the air pressure slowly until you find the right pressure setting for the spray paint.

You need to increase the pressure continuously if you see heavy edges or gaps in the paint pattern. When the paint looks smooth, you can finalize the air pressure. 

Step 3: Don’t go too close to the paint surface

Being intimate isn’t always good; remember it. Hence, you should maintain a proper distance from the paint surface instead of going too close to it. When you position the spray gun too close to the surface, it will yield an imperfect paint finish. 

  • 6-8 inches distance is suggested for HVLP sprayers 
  • If you use a traditional sprayer gun, maintain an 8-10 inches distance. 
  • Airless sprayers should maintain a 12-14 inches distance as they release paint at high-pressure.

Also, you must be careful to maintain the sprayer gun distance consistently. If you go too close or too far, the paint will look like orange peels. 

Step 4: Maintain your position 

You should move your arm horizontally along with the sprayer paint surface. It helps in getting a smoother paint finish and also makes the painting project faster than you imagine. If you plan to paint at a height, stand on a sturdy tool for easy reach to the place. 

Make sure the spray gun is in a perpendicular position while you apply spray paint on the aluminum surface. Or the result will be less attractive. 

Step 5: Start spray painting

Once you have found the right position for you and the air pressure for the spray gun, it’s time to start your work to fix the uneven paint.

For this, start painting from the side of the blemishes you want to hide instead of painting directly into the uneven spot. Then, slowly move your sprayer towards the blemishes and let the paint glide over them smoothly. 

Also, you should continue spraying the paint just over the edge instead of stopping on the edge. It will help you fix the uneven paint surface better. Next, make sure you paint in a straight line instead of moving the sprayer randomly. 

Furthermore, instead of a single thick coat, apply two to three thin coats of paint to fix the unevenness of the previous spray paint. Make sure you allow 30 to 40 minutes for each coat to dry before applying another coat.

Applying a second coat on wet paint won’t dry and look like tiny craters, and the paint will start dripping resulting in more imperfections. 

The idea is to work slowly but consistently; there’s no need to hurry here. 

Step 6: Finishing the painting project

Many people will use the roller brush or paintbrush to give some final touch-ups to the spray paintwork. Also, use sandpaper to rub off any excess paint. Finally, inspect the new paint and make sure you have covered all the uneven spots properly. 

And don’t forget to clean and store the painting equipment for future use. Unclog the sprayer gun and remove the filter to clean the parts properly with a garden hose. Then, dry them and store them in a secure place. 

Final Words 

Uneven spray paint is mainly the result of choosing the wrong sprayer gun and being less attentive during the paintwork. We have therefore kept this guideline on how to fix uneven spray paint simple and convenient for all. 

We hope it is useful for you and when you begin the paintwork, you pay your full attention to it. And the impressive paint will be worth your attentiveness.