The 7 Best Spray Paint for Paper for Stunning Artworks

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

When we look at an impressive artwork or piece of decoration on paper, we always admire the person behind it. We think about how creative he is and how well he knows to play with the colors and sprays. And many of us almost immediately want to join the league of such craftsmanship.

However, as a beginner, most craftsmen have little knowledge of spray paints and what type of paint to use on the paper. We are determined to solve such problems with our review of the seven best spray paint for paper.

Since paper is a thin material, not all spray paint is usable on them.  Also, you have to count on the paint drying time and lasting effect on the paper before buying them.

After thorough research, we have singled out these top seven spray painters for paper. We have mentioned the factors to consider for these spray paint in the relevant buying guide too.

Montana Cans Montana GOLD- Best for wood, concrete, metal surface
- CFC free paint
- matte formula is acrylic-based
Montana Gold Premium Spray Paint- Best for indoor and outdoor use
- Works well with Wood, Metal
- Montana gold is perfect finish for furniture, design, canvas, murals, stencils, urban art, graffiti art, street art
Evolve Elite 12 pack Spray Paint
- Best spray paint for doors
- Acrylic paint that finishes flat in low pressure
- Ideal for any weather condition
Krylon K03928000 Candy Grape Shimmer Metallic Paint- Perfect choice for Indoor and outdoor shimmering metallic finish
- Ideal surface for this paints are wood, metal, craft foam and more
- Fast drying paint in the market
Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint- Best spray paint for arts and crafts
- Perfectly works with Plastic, Metal, Wood, Cardboard surface
- Watercolor paint
- Widely use for fabric

Buying Guide: Factors You Should Consider

When it comes to decorating intricate and small surfaces such as paper, nothing will come close to the effectiveness of the spray paint. From the standard flat finish to the impressive matte finish or multi-colored texture, you get everything inside a spray paint set.

However, you have to consider a few essential factors to buy the top-rated spray paint for your paper, especially for decorative works.

Spray Paint Type

Firstly, consider the type of spray paint you should get. It is important as not all paint is compatible with paper. You should leave acid-based paints as these will leave stain marks on the paper.

The best option to paint on paper is to use acrylic-based and non-toxic paints.

Also, make sure the spray paint suits your purpose too. There are paints made for all-purpose paintwork, and others may fulfill specific painting requirements.

Paint Finish and Color

This is a serious issue to consider as it determines how your paintwork will look like. Spray paints are made to customize your DIY painting jobs with a remarkable finish. And you have the luxury to choose from thousands of hues and tones to get the right color.

Also, the finish is available in flat, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss. It would depend on specific project requirements. 

Many spray paints are actually available in sets offering spray cans of multiple colors. It is suitable for highly customized DIY jobs such as decoration, banners, graffiti, etc.

You may also choose from various textures. Many manufacturers, these days, actually produce different textures of the same finish and color to offer versatility in your paper paintwork.

Drying Time

Whether you are a professional or DIY paint enthusiast, you may not have the entire day to spend on the paper paintwork.

Thus, the drying time of the spray paint becomes even more crucial for you. If the paint needs many hours for drying, you may not find it suitable for the job.

Also, completing large projects means you will need paint that quickly dries up properly without leaving stain marks.

Luckily, most of our reviewed spray paint for the paper will dry in less than 60 minutes or so. Thus, you won’t have to wait too long for these spray paints to apply the second coat if need be.

Also, if you use varnish for an original look, you should check its cure time. It should be around a few hours for an appropriate cure of the varnish.

Paint Flow

The paint flow comes a long way to determine the paint accuracy of the project. Since papers are delicate objects and you may not have the chance to rectify your paint on them, you have to be extra careful.

Thus, the paint flow and speed become even more crucial. Spray paint with low-speed and consistent flow brings accuracy and precision to the paint job. If the spraying speed is too high, you will lose control over it.

Quantity and Coverage

You may want to look at how much space each bottle of spray paint cover. It depends on the quantity the spray paint bottle offers. Mostly, spray paint can come with 400ml spray material. It should be enough to cover a medium-sized paper.

Also, if the spray paint comes in the set of 8 or 12, they will have less spray material inside the can. Most cans within the spray paint set will have 150ml to 200ml material mostly.

The 7 Best Spray Paint for Paper Reviews

Spray paints are the fastest way to decorate any place for any occasion. You can create your favorite artwork and color it with spray paint in no time at all.

Here, take a look at the spray paints for the paper to make your decorative chores lovelier and more attractive with lasting impact.

1. Montana Cans Montana GOLD Acrylic Paint

You may unleash your creativity with the acrylic paint from Montana nearly on any surface. But, it truly shows its genius on the paper thanks to its brilliant acrylic formula. You will wonder how it brings life to your drawing on paper and other surfaces.

The paint applies a low-pressure mechanism for spraying over the paint surface. Hence, it promises to provide you the most accurate and precise painting.

Also, low-pressure means it won’t stress out the surface. Thus, there’s less chance of damaging the paper during the painting process.

Besides the paper, you can use it on wood, hard canvas, concrete walls, and what not to showcase your creativity. Also, the Gold Color System of the acrylic paint has multi-color and tone availability to match your imagination with perfection.

This particular paint has a shock black color with a matte finish. Thus, you will love its vibrant yet attractive look on the surface. It has quick-dry functioning and gets ready for the 2nd coat in less than 60 minutes.

And for the total drying of the paint, it needs 24 hours only.  It comes in a can with 400 ml paint, and the tip nozzle makes it easy to spray paint.

The overall spraying experience is nice too. It won’t cause hand fatigue, as is the case with many spray bottles.


  • Ergonomic spray tip
  • Applicable on any surface
  • Dries fast without stain marks
  • Low-pressure for accuracy


  • It doesn’t cover a huge space

Uses: The spray paint is easily applicable on paper canvas, wood, concrete, and other surfaces too, for the best results, shake the paint before spray.

2. Montana Gold Premium Spray (Set of 12)

This is a complete solution to your paintwork. You won’t have to purchase another spray paint once you get this set of paint sprays. Yes, it comes with 12 various colors in 12 cans to offer you the widest range possible for color and tone variations on any artwork.

The spray paint provides premium quality with a professional finish. Also, it pops up with remarkably vibrant colors to give your artwork a life shortly.

As it comes with a set of 12 various colors, you can use it on different occasions fulfilling the demand of season and occasions. It is crucial because not all seasons will match with all colors and tones.

You can easily get the color set from the nearest brick-and-mortar shop or order it online for the quickest delivery.

Once you get to start using vibrant colors, you will feel amazed at how it gives the artworks their true meaning. These colors are acrylic-based and should leave no blotchy stains on the spray surface.

The can is made ergonomic with a nice spray tip as well. You will find spraying the materials quite easy and convenient. Its ergonomics also help you to avoid hand fatigue during long spray hours.

And the fact that the spray comes with a moderate speed, you can control it better too. Thus, the paint accuracy will be precise and top-notch.

You can apply the paint on any surfaces, including paper, wood, hard canvas, murals, and even on furniture. Its fast-drying feature will prepare the surface for a second coat in less than one hour also if need be.


  • Color: 12 vibrant colors
  • Amount: 400 ml each bottle
  • Coverage:  High coverage
  • Drying: 60 minutes


  • Wide color and tone range
  • Applicable for many uses
  • High accuracy in intricate jobs
  • Long-lasting color impact


  • It May cause slight blotching

Uses: The set of 12 spray paint is a mixed bag of shiny and matte finishes. You can use them both indoor and outdoor as they are water-resistant too.

3. Evolve Elite 12-pack Spray Paint

The manufacturer claims it one of the best spray paint for paper in the market, and our investigation found the claim authentic.  

The spray paint set comes in a pack of 12 colors. These are flat colors with a wide variety that gives your artwork a perfect look. The wide color range ensures you always end up getting the right color for the right occasion.

The spray paints are fade-proof. Thus, it retains the color vibrancy greatly. Also, it is usable in all weather. Thus, you can spray them on both indoor and outdoor surfaces with confidence.

It lets you unfold your imagination and showcase creativity with great precision and accuracy with the best details on each painting.

The spray paints are acrylic-based aerosols. Thus, you will find the spraying quite convenient. The can is easy to hold and spray. It has optimal ergonomics that make your spraying comfortable and fun.

The spray comes out from the can with a modest speed. So, you have better control over the paint. It permits you to create different styles of paintwork within a short time and without any possible stain marks on the surface.

The coverage is impressive and suits large projects such as graffiti, banners, walls, etc. Also, it can be sprayed on any surface you wish to paint, including paper, canvas, concrete, masonry, and whatnot.

It dries fast, allowing you to apply the next coat shortly. It helps in quick project completion and boosts work efficiency.


  • Color: 12 vibrant colors
  • Amount: 400 ml each bottle
  • Coverage:  High coverage
  • Drying: 60 minutes


  • Weather and fade-proof
  • Low-spray flow for accuracy
  • Attractive range of colors
  • Eco-friendly spray paint


  • The tip gets clogged rather too soon

Uses: All the 12 colors are great and attractive. It is for those who want a flat finish instead of vibrancy. Also, the fade-proof feature helps to retain the colors greatly.

4. Krylon K03928000 Candy Grape Shimmer Metallic Paint

A metallic finish adds a different vibe to any decorative artwork. It brings a contemporary and modern look that people will appreciate.

Thus, many craftsmen and painters prefer the metallic finish for painting over the papers. This Krylon Candy Grape metallic paint serves you exactly with it.

The shimmering metallic finish looks so tantalizing that it is hard to resist the temptation not to apply it to all paintwork.

The color will enhance creativity and curb the appeal of your home interior and exterior. You will also appreciate the durability of the paint.

It has fade-proof technology with water resistance. Thus, it will not fade away soon. Also, the water-resistant feature enables you to apply the paint to the outdoor space too.

It means you won’t have to buy separate paint for indoor and outdoor use. And besides applying on paper, you can use the paint on steel, concrete, wood, and furniture for an impressive outlook.

It comes in a generous can of 12 oz. It is enough to cover a medium space with the show stopper color appearance.

You can hold the bottle in your hand at ease and spray the paint on the desired surface without any professional skills. The tip ensures a smooth flow of the paint to ensure accuracy and precision in every artwork.


  • Color: Metallic silver
  • Amount: 12 oz. each bottle
  • Coverage:  High coverage
  • Drying: 60 minutes


  • Impressive color rendering
  • Highly durable result
  • Easy to apply on any surface
  • Not so pricey


  • Sometimes leave stains on the surface

Uses: Although it comes with a flat finish, the colors are highly durable. It is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets at home.

5. Liquitex 3950010 Professional Spray Varnish

Varnish is a professional’s choice for its great tackiness and sticking power to almost any surface in a short time.

Also, varnish works fine to retain the originality of the paint surface while slightly boosting its outlook for an impressive appearance.

You can get the professional quality paint result now with this Liquitex Professional Spray Varnish. It is made for both professional and DIY enthusiasts to showcase their creativity on paper.

The paint type is acrylic-based and, thus, safe for paper. Also, it is void of any acid, which leaves stain marks on the paint surface to make it look ugly.

The spray varnish has a brilliant gloss finish. It is formulated to avoid any yellow-ish appearance on the paint surface. It is a huge benefit since inferior varnishes tend to leave a yellow mark on the surface.

It eats up the entire look of the glossy finish. When it dries, it forms a water-resistant tackiness. Thus, the varnish will make the paper surface resistant to water splashes. However, it is not waterproof and so may not suit outdoor use.

The varnish is lightweight and easy to apply too. You simply have to shake the spray can and press the tip nozzle to apply it to the surface.

You can use it to spray paper, wood, and other surfaces. It takes 72 hours to cure, and once cured properly; it is a permanent solution. You can mix it with other paint for a smooth and glossy finish as well.


  • Color: Glossy varnish 
  • Amount: 12 oz. each bottle
  • Coverage:  High coverage
  • Cure time: 72 hours


  • Toxic-free and durable varnish
  • Water-resistant and non-yellow tint
  • Great for beginners painting
  • Mixable with any paint for use


  • It is not waterproof and non-removable

Uses: You can use the varnish spray for education works to create templates quickly. Also, it is non-toxic, which is a nice bonus.

6. Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint (Set of 8)

This set of Pintyplus spray comes in 8 attractive and impressive colors. It includes crimson, red, black, white, orange, blue, and violet.

Thus, it should help you in decorating your creative artwork with your favorite color at liberty.

The spray paints are water-based and have a brilliant matte finish. Hence, you will love how it unfolds an array of images for you that was previously unseen.

Also, these paints are purely void of any toxic elements and 100% eco-friendly.  If you have kids or pets at home, you won’t have to be concerned about their health at all.

In fact, it can be a great gift item for kids to help them bring out the Picasso inside them. Each spray can contain 4.2oz paint material and can have an ergonomic shape.

Thus, you can hold the can easily and spray it over any surface using the nozzle tip. It will spray at a consistent and mild speed to ensure great accuracy in the paintwork. 

The smooth spray won’t leave brush or stain marks. Also, you may apply the paint on paper, wood, concrete, etc., surfaces.

The low-spray prevents over-spraying and paint wastage greatly. It is a suitable solution for artwork, scrapbooking, and other decorative works.


  • Colors: Set of 8
  • Amount: 150ml per can
  • Coverage: Medium
  • Dry: 40-60 minutes


  • Ideal for DIY projects and decorative works
  • A great gift item for kids
  • Prevents overspray and wastage
  • Smooth spray with great accuracy


  • Only matte finish availability

Uses: It is actually not made for professional projects. However, it is a great solution for DIY enthusiasts and kids to practice their painting skills.

7. Krylon K01309 Gallery Series Coatings Aerosol

When you want a clear flat coat on your paperwork, wood, furniture, or any other surface, you should immediately use the Krylon aerosol coating spray.

It comes with a clear and transparent coat without any ugly stain and marks on the surface.

The aerosol coating is UV-resistant. Thus, it will ensure better protection of your artwork, especially for outdoor uses. Also, it has moisture-resistant features.

Thus, once you apply it to the artwork and other decorative works, it will prevent moisture build-up. It expands the lifespan of the paint and the surface it was applied to properly.

The finish is matte but not flat. Also, it dries almost immediately after the application. So, you won’t have to wait too long to apply the primary paint spray.

And once the aerosol coating dries, it is a permanent coating. Also, it has a non-yellowing formula for an impressive finish.

The can contains 11 fluid ounces of matte aerosol. It is generous enough to cover a medium space at ease. The overall performance is thus satisfactory, if not impressive.


  • Colors: Clear aerosol coating
  • Amount: 11 ounces
  • Coverage: Medium
  • Dry:  5 minutes only


  • Permanent and brilliant mate finish
  • UV and moisture-resistant formula
  • Quick-drying and easy applications


  • Nothing reported so far

Uses: You should apply the aerosol coating before the actual paintwork begins. It will protect moisture inside the surface and give it an extended life.

Tips for Spray Paint Over Paper

Many people consider spray painting on the paper surface a walk in the park. Yes, we admit that it is easy. However, painting a paper abruptly is different from spraying it with accuracy to highlight your creativity.

A painted paper with stain marks isn’t impressive either. Thus, you have to look at the ways to achieve the most accurate and remarkable paint on the paper through spray paint.

  1. You should apply different coatings in different directions. For instance, if your 1st coat has a left to right spray direction, the 2nd coat goes from right to the left. It would help you cover all the nooks and crannies of the paper.
  2. You should keep the spray can at least 4-inches to 6-inches away from the paint surface. It will help you in achieving the most accurate finish.
  3. Make sure the nozzle tip is always clean. If the tip gets clogged, the consistency of the spray flow will be ruined. Thus, it would destroy the whole paintwork.
  4. Another good solution for the perfect paint is to read the directions on the spray label. It would help you know the best way to spray the paint material.
  5. Instead of applying one thick coating, you should opt for many light coats. It will increase the accuracy and the glossy look of the paint more. Also, it leaves less space for improper paints on the paper.

Top 3 Spray Paint Recommendations For Paper

Spray paint for paper is a crucial selection to decorate any paper or decorative piece of surface. We researched thoroughly on the topic to bring you the top seven spray paints for paper.

While we rest assure you the top-class performance from each of them, we have selected our three recommendations to make the job convenient.

Our premium choice is the Montana Gold Premium Spray. It comes in a set of 12 colors with a brilliant matte and semi-gloss finish. It has all the standard colors and hues you will need to tailor your DIY paint project for the best outlook.

Also, the spray is quite consistent with low-flow for accuracy. The finish is impressive and doesn’t leave any stain marks either. Thus, you will love its versatile use on paper, plastic, steel, concrete, etc.

Our second choice is the Evolve Elite 12-pack Spray Paint. If you want an affordable option for various colors in the same pack, this is your top pick. Likewise, our 1st recommendation also has 12 different colors.

The finishes are mostly flat, which suits graffiti and artwork greatly. Also, the overall finish is appreciable thanks to the modest paint flow coming out of the spray can.

Our last recommendation is a varnish, not spray paint. The Liquitex 3950010 Professional Spray Varnish will keep the original color of the paint surface while adding a water-resistant protective layer over it.

It often works as a primer to provide you with extraordinary paint finishes with other sprayers. It has the right tackiness to get attached to the paper permanently.

It works best for wooden furniture where you would want to highlight the woody structure with a shiny finish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I spray paint on the paper?

Yes, you can spray paint over paper just like you do for plastics and other surfaces. For the best results, place a cardstock behind the paper and tape it so that it doesn’t move.

What type of spray paint should I use on the paper?

Acrylic paint works best for papers. It is also usable for paper mache and poster boards. On the contrary, enamel paint will work best on plastics and glasses.

Can regular spray paint be used for Kraft paper?

Yes, you can apply the regular acrylic-based spray paint for Kraft paper and cupboards. Although it is a delicate element, you can easily paint it with your favorite spray paint by being a little cautious.

How do I prevent the wrapping of the paper during spray paint?

You should choose heavier paper and tape it to the surface before painting. It would prevent the paper from wrapping while spray painting.


Painting on paper for decorative artworks is one of the highly regarded creative works. It lets you decorate any space for different purposes.

Also, painting papers to serve various educational purposes is a common incident. For this, you have to get the best spray paint for paper.

And we have come up with the same. Here, we have included seven top-class spray paints to offer you appreciable and imaginative artwork.

These spray paints include one pack, a set of multiple spray cans, and varnishes. Thus, these spray paints will surely serve your both professional and DIY jobs for decorative paper works.