The 5 Best Pressure Pot Paint Sprayers (Reviews & Benefits)

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

If you have been in the painting industry for some time now, you should have heard about airless paint sprayers, HVLP sprayers, and even pneumatic spray paint guns. No doubt that these sprayers offer excellent versatility and paint finish.

But, there’s one sprayer that you may use with all these different spray gun types on the market. That is the best pressure pot spray gun. The pressure pot paint sprayers are made for durability, versatility, and outstanding easiness at paint projects.

Here, we will look at the best pressure-pot paint sprayers to find which one suits whose jobs and requirements fully. So, whether you are a homeowner or professional and want a new paint sprayer or want to upgrade to a newer one, it’s time to stay till the end.

What’s in the article:

  • Top benefits
  • Disadvantages
  • Features, and Specifications
  • Verdict based on our practical experiences with these sprayers to help you finalize the decision.

What Is A Pressure Pot Paint Sprayer?

As the name suggests, the pressure pot sprayer has a pot attached to it. It uses compressed air, which further force-feeds the spray gun for the required paint coatings.

The good thing is that you may use the pressure pot with conventional spray guns or HVLP or even LVMP spray guns.

These pressure pot sprayers are different from airless sprayers as they use compressed air at high pressure to force-feed the sprayer with the necessary paint.

When you decide to get a pressure pot, you can avail of different features. The list includes:

  • Agitation
  • Several regulators
  • Multiple spray outlets

Since it has multiple outlets, you can use pressure pot sprayers to spray multiple paints simultaneously. So, you will see a boost in your painting speed and versatility.

What’s more, you can design the pressure pot in a way so that you may heat the paint material or coating, if need be. Therefore, you will enjoy excellent multipurpose use for the sprayer.

Pressure pots are known for their excellent paint finish, as you will have better and improved control over the spray volume.

In addition, while using it with the HVLP or pneumatic spray guns, you will save considerable paint materials thanks to such finer control over the spray volume.

Therefore, the pressure-pot paint sprayers also offer outstanding money-saving deals.

The only drawback of the pressure pot sprayers is that it works a bit slowly. So, your paint project completion will need more time than the airless paint sprayers.

Benefits of pressure pot sprayers:

  • You have better control over the paint flow
  • It needs less coating and so, is money saving
  • The maintenance and cleaning are pretty easy

Disadvantages of pressure pot sprayers:

  • It works a bit slowly

Difference between Pressure Pot vs. Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers are pretty common among painters. But the pressure pot sprayers aren’t as common as the airless sprayers.

That’s why even some professionals have a hard time recognizing these sprayers.

So, to ease your confusion, we will discuss the key differences between the airless and pressure pot sprayers. The key differences include the following points:

1. Differences in working procedure:

Airless sprayers use a piston to generate the required pressure to push the paint fluid from the container to the spray gun.

These sprayers often use battery power for this purpose. There’s no use of compressed air for the airless sprayers.

Pressure pots, on the contrary, use compressed air at high pressure to push the paint material from the container to the sprayer gun.

Thus, it has a container or pot to accommodate the required pressure from where it gets the name.

2. Pressure rating:

Airless sprayers generate more pressure than pressure-pot sprayers. It is because the piston of the airless sprayer can handle more pressure than the pressure pot sprayers don’t have.

Since airless sprayers generate more pressure, it is useful to paint on higher locations such as ceilings and multistoried buildings.

3. Painting speed:

Airless sprayers are designed to spray more volume of paint fluid at a higher pressure. So, you will get a higher volume of coating with the airless sprayers whereas, the pressure pot works in a low volume of paint coating.

It means airless paint sprayers are much more compatible with larger projects compared to pressure pot sprayers.

Also, airless sprayers will allow you to complete the paint projects faster than the pressure pots, thanks to their better spray volume capacity.

4. Working efficiency:

Pressure pot sprayers work with greater efficiency. It means you will see less wastage of your paint fluid as the pressure pot sprayers prevent overspray.

So, you will love the paint efficiency of these sprayers and experience great savings on your paint fluid. As a result, it also saves your money.

On the contrary, airless sprayers provide less efficiency than pressure pot sprayers.

Airless sprayers often cause overspray, and so you will find a greater portion of your paint fluid wasted. Hence, you will need more paint fluid to complete a project.

5. Versatility:

When it comes to versatility, pressure pot sprayers are the clear winner here. Airless sprayers have limited usability.

You can use the pressure pot sprayers with HVLP and LVMP paint sprayer guns which isn’t possible with the airless sprayers.

Also, you can use the pressure pot sprayer to heat the required coating. It allows you to get a better paint finish, unlike the airless sprayers.

6. Applications:

Pressure pots and airless sprayers both have multipurpose applications. For instance, you may use the pressure pot spray guns where you need a better and higher-quality paint finish.

Thanks to the improved control over the paint fluid and coating, you will also see the application of pressure pot sprayers in spraying VOCs.

On the contrary, airless paint sprayers are better for portability. So, when you need to move frequently to paint your home or construction sites, airless sprayers will be superbly beneficial.

Pressure pot sprayers are heavyweight, and so they limit portability. You may use them for a specific paint location which further limits their applications.

Five Best Pressure Pot Sprayer Reviews

Pressure pot sprayers are a bit more unusual than conventional or airless spray guns.

However, when you know the benefits and applications of pressure pot sprayers, your paintwork will become easy and fun for sure.

Here, take a look at the top five pressure pot sprayers review so that you can finalize your decision. So, let’s start it without much ado.

1. VEVOR Paint Tank 10L Pressure Pot Paint Sprayer

At 2.5 gallons (10L) capacity, the Vevor pressure tank pot is made for commercial and heavy-duty applications.

Whether you paint a large spot or a vehicle, this pressure pot sprayer will come in handy for you, thanks to its convenience and durability.

You can use the pressure pot for latex, acrylic, water-based, or other painting applications. You may even use it for primer and paint buses and trucks.

So, the pressure pot sprayer offers superior versatility that you will love as a professional. Also, its versatility means you won’t need to invest in a secondary paint spray gun for your workshops.

Thus, you will save massive money with this sprayer gun in your inventory.

The excellent construction premium materials mean the pressure pot sprayer is ready for even industrial applications. It simply boosts its usability.

For construction, the manufacturer has used thickened container to hold the paint fluid. It has premium material with excellent rust, corrosion, alkali, and acid resistance.

The sealing of the pressure pot is also top-class. Therefore, you can expect long-lasting performance from the pressure pot sprayer in extreme conditions.

Since it won’t leak, you won’t have to worry about your paint wastage. Also, the seal system of the container features a fast-lock mechanism.

So, it will lock pretty fast and further stop the wastage of your valuable paint fluid.

And for safety purposes and the accuracy of the paint finish, the sprayer includes multiple regulators for the fluid pressure. It also has a barometer that works as a pressure gauge.

So, you can tweak the settings precisely for the most accurate paint finish. What’s more, the adjustable knobs for the different settings are each to reach.

Therefore, you will find the controls pretty convenient. It is a great relief since many people find it hard to reach the knobs in many sprayers.

There are also two hosen for safe operations with two different colors coding for easy identification.

Last but not least, its powerful nozzle is made for heavy-duty applications. It provides excellent atomization of the paint fluid and results in an improved paint finish.

Key Specifications:

  • Capacity: 2.5 gallons
  • Power source: Air-powered
  • Recommended for: Oil-based paint
  • Operating pressure: 45-60PSI (Spray Gun)
  • Operating Pressure: 25-40PSI (Paint Tank)
  • Hose: 10ft


  • Works fine with latex ad acrylic paints for versatile applications
  • Easy to move with a 10ft hose assembly for hard-to-reach areas
  • A large 10-liter capacity is suitable for commercial applications
  • Thickened material for the paint tank ensures durability


  • The hoses were somewhat inflexible

Why Should You Buy It:

The VEVOR Paint Tank is made purely for commercial and industrial applications. It can be a great investment for automobile paint workshops, large paint projects, and industry jobs. Also, it is easy to use and so suits everyone.

2. TCP Global Pressure Tank Paint Sprayer

This pressure pot from TCP Global is a complete package that includes everything necessary for your painting projects, except the paint fluid.

The package includes a pressure tank, spray gun, nozzles, and assembly hose. Thus, you don’t need to buy anything additionally, which is a great money-saving deal for professionals.

The pressure tank is made for heavy-duty commercial and industrial paint applications.

Hence, its pressure tank has 2.5 gallons (10L) capacity, which is large enough to accommodate sufficient paint fluid for the larger projects.

It means you won’t have to go through the hassle of refilling the paint container with the required air pressure.

Next, we loved its safety features and settings for an accurate paint finish. There’s a precision barometer to measure the air pressure inside the sprayer tank.

The barometer dial is large, so you won’t find the readings tough to read. On top of it, you can use the knob to adjust the pressure and also control the fluid flow rate for a perfect paint finish.

Its spray gun is also made for heavy-duty applications. With a 1.5mm tip, this sprayer gun is ready to deliver a superior painting performance in all conditions.

You will find its adjustable knob for the spray flow rate and patterns pretty easy. It improves your overall control over the entire paint project.

You can, therefore, slow down or speed up the painting speed depending on the project requirements. On top of it, its different spray pattern settings mean you are free to choose the best pattern for the project without any problems.

For convenience, the sprayer and pressure pot package includes two durable and high-performing 10ft hose assemblies.

One hose is for paint fluid, and another one is for air pressure. The hoses have different colors, so you won’t get confused with their applications.

Therefore, the entire pressure pot sprayer package is made for convenient and comfortable applications. As a professional, you will love it and further appreciate its versatility in painting buses, cars, and furniture with oil, latex, or primers.

Key Specifications:

  • Capacity: 2.5 gallons
  • Power source: Air-powered
  • Operating Pressure: 25-30PSI (Pressure Tank)
  • Air inlet: ¼”
  • Fluid Outlet: 3/8”
  • Nozzle tip: 1.5mm
  • Hose: 10ft
  • Weight: 25.2 pounds


  • 10-liter pressure tank and 1.5mm nozzle tip is made for heavy-duty applications
  • A precision barometer provides the most accurate readings for the air pressure inside
  • Easy to adjust knobs for the sprayer gun and quick maintenance after applications
  • A versatile spray gun and tank can be used for acrylic, latex, primer, or varnishes


  • The pressure tank is on the heavier side and so limits portability

Why Should You Buy It:

The pressure pot has excellent lid sealing to lock the container securely. Also, you will find its cleaning and maintenance easy after multiple uses.

3. TCP Global 2 Quart Paint Pressure Pot

Our previous two selections for the best pressure paint sprayer pots were mainly for professional and commercial applications.

Hence, this time we introduce a pressure pot plus spray gun for individual and DIY workers. So, it will suit homeowners for home renovation and DIY paintworks.

Also, it is easy and convenient to use, which you will truly find recommendable.

The jar accommodates 2-quart of space and is suitable for different projects. Also, the pressure pot is made of high-quality material.

Therefore, you can expect the container to last long for optimal performance. Also, it is essential since the pressure pot’s durability is crucial to help you work without getting frightened about the vulnerability of the pressure pot.

The pressure pot spray gun can accommodate 6.9-8.8CFM air inside it. Also, its air consumption rate is quite fast enough at 170-250 liter per minute.

So, you won’t have to wait too long to complete the paint projects. The spray guns truly make your paint projects superior and outstanding with their brilliant finishes.

The spray gun nozzle has a 1.5mm tip. So, it is suitable for small to medium paint projects. But you can also use it for small touchups of the paint if need be.

Hence, the spray nozzle offers versatility and multipurpose uses. On top of it, there’re multiple knobs on the sprayer so that you can adjust the paint fluid flow rate and paint patterns to meet your requirements.

But that’s not all. Even there’re multiple pressure gauges and fluid regulators. It ensures that you can always avail the right settings for the best finish.

Luckily, the setting adjustments are made easy, so, even a beginner can use the pressure pot plus sprayer without difficulties.

Lastly, its 5ft hose assembly means you can move the sprayer gun freely. It boosts your painting convenience and will offer nice portability as well.

You won’t feel tired with 16 pounds weight either, as is the case with heavier pressure pots.

Key Specifications:

  • Capacity: 2 quarts
  • Power source: Air-powered
  • Operating Pressure: 30-45PSI (Pressure Tank)
  • Air inlet: ¼”
  • Fluid Outlet: 3/8”
  • Nozzle tip: 1.5mm
  • Pattern width: 7.1-9.1 inches
  • Hose: 5ft
  • Weight: 16 pounds


  • Ideal for homeowners, DIY, and amateur paint workers for medium spaces
  • A pretty compact design is suitable for portability and comfort
  • The spray gun has superior spray pattern width for different paint projects
  • The regulators are easy to adjust and control to make your paint finish better


  • The hose is only 5ft long
  • Its pressure pot is small

Why Should You Buy It:

We recommend the TCP Global 2 Quart Paint Pressure Pot mainly for residential applications. It can be a great addition to your home inventory for small renovations and DIY paint works.

4. Astro Pneumatic Tool 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot

Do you want a superb and high-performing pressure pot for longevity? Well, you must grab this Astro Pneumatic then. It will truly transform your paint works into enjoyable, fun, and convenient one with improved comfort.

Thus, this pressure pot is a recommendable paint spryer plus pressure tank almost for all, including professionals.

The pressure pot has a 2-quart capacity. While it is not made for industrial and commercial paint projects, it still performs brilliantly for medium paint jobs.

Whether you are a DIY worker or amateur, or even a homeowner, you will find its 2-quart capacity quite suitable for your painting requirements. You can use it for painting your furniture, walls, sidings, or even automobile.

Thus, it offers outstanding versatility and multi-functioning that deserves accolades.

The design of the pressure put plus sprayers are also user-friendly. The pressure pot comes with a pressure gauge and fluid flow rate adjustable regulators.

You can use these regulators and knobs on the pressure tank and sprayer to control the fluid and pressure to meet the painting requirements. The spray nozzle of the setup is also made for versatile applications.

The nozzle has a 1.2mm tip. Therefore, it is suitable for regular painting and complicated touchups for a brilliant finish.

On top of it, its 2-quart container allows you to mix the paint fluid with ease. You can mix the paint fluid perfectly for superior atomization.

It will boost the paint’s convenience and lasting performance on any surface. Although its 2-quart capacity seems limited, you can use it for finishing and touchups on automobiles, walls, and home improvement works.

At just 4.41 pounds, the sprayer gun and pressure pot are hugely portable. You will find transporting the entire setup straightforward.

Also, its 6ft assembly hose means you can move the sprayer gun freely and paint hard-to-reach areas with ease. It is a great benefit since you can move freely and so, you won’t have to move the pressure pot for every 1ft of painting work.

Once you start painting with the sprayer gun, you will find how beneficial this is.

Last but not least, the container is made of premium steel, and the lid has a good seal with a lock. So, it stops any wastage of the valuable paint fluid.

The only setback of the sprayer is its expensiveness. But, it is still a worthy pressure pot and sprayer gun setup for durability, convenience, and performance.

Key Specifications:

  • Capacity: 2 quarts
  • Power source: Air-powered
  • Operating Pressure: 30-45PSI (Pressure Tank)
  • Air inlet: ¼”
  • Fluid Outlet: 3/8”
  • Nozzle tip: 1.2mm
  • Hose: 6ft
  • Weight: 4.41 pounds


  • Ideal for small touchups and home improvement projects
  • A durable and user-friendly design is ideal for beginners and DIYers
  • Highly portable and won’t cause any fatigue and back pain


  • The sprayer pot setup is expensive
  • Not for commercial applications

Why Should You Buy It:

We recommend the Astro Pneumatic Tool 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot and spryer for professional and amateur painters. It has excellent features to serve the purposes of all people.

5. YaeTek 10L High-Pressure Pot Air Paint Spray Gun

Yae Tek has earned a serious reputation for manufacturing high-end yet affordable and user-friendly sprayer guns of different kinds in the market.

You will get to know the reasons for their great reputation once you start using this incredible pressure pot and spray gun package.

This complete painting package from Yae Tek includes a pressure pot, assembly hose, sprayer gun, and the necessary regulators.

So, you won’t have to buy the spray guns separately, which saves you from added expenses and hassles. What’s more, each of these items has been calibrated to function superbly with each other.

So, you won’t find any inconvenience while using the spray gun and pressure pot setup.

On top of it, we also found the setup ideal for heavy-duty applications. It facilitates 2.5 gallons (10L) paint jar. So, you can accomplish larger paint projects with a few refilling of the pot.

It saves both your time and the hassles, which come from refilling the pressure pot frequently. Plus, you can regulate the internal pressure with the attached pressure gauge.

Thus, the paint will have the right pressure for the specific paint projects.

On top of it, there’s also a regulator to control the paint spray pattern and flow rate to meet your paint requirements. Apart from the controls and different settings, this package also confirms versatile uses.

You can use it to spray pearl varnish, acrylic, latex, and metallic paint. You may even use it to apply the primer for a better paint finish.

For paint fluid spraying, the spray gun accommodates a 1.8mm nozzle tip. It is designed for painting large surfaces quicker and better.

However, its bigger spray nozzle tip means you can’t use it for small touchups. So, you should be aware of it.

Nonetheless, the spray gun plus pressure pot’s overall design, durability, and performance seemed quite satisfactory during our review.

Our experts were overwhelmed with its performance at surprisingly affordable pricing.

Key Specifications:

  • Capacity: 2.5 gallons (10L)
  • Power source: Air-powered
  • Operating Pressure: 45-60PSI (Pressure Tank)
  • Air inlet: ¼”
  • Air consumption: 6-8.8CFM
  • Nozzle tip: 1.8mm
  • Hose: 13ft
  • Weight: 19.51 pounds


  • Ideal for large and commercial paint projects with a 1.8mm spray nozzle
  • A longer hose allows free movement to paint the hard-to-reach locations
  • A higher pressure rating means the pressure pot offers durability
  • The spray gun and pressure pot is surprisingly pocket-friendly for all


  • The sealing locks aren’t of high-quality

Why Should You Buy It:

Do you want a high-performing pressure pot but running short of money? Well, this 2.5-gallon pressure pot plus sprayer from Yae Tek will perfectly meet your budget and expectation. So, you won’t get a better deal than this at present.

Are These Brands Trustworthy?

Our reviews include 5 top sprayer guns with a pressure pot. While we chose the pressure pots, we closely looked at their brand’s reputation and customers’ feedback.

Our selection includes products from TCP Global, Yae Tek, and Vevor mainly. These are the top brands you will ever find in the spray paint industry.

Hence, you can depend on their product quality, durability, and performance.

Also, we have included these five pressure tank and paint spray gun setups based on our research, expert opinions, and revved reviews from customers.

Therefore, we hope that these products and their manufacturer brands won’t disappoint you.

You will find them incredibly suitable for your commercial, industrial, and residential painting jobs. Also, we assure you that the pricing of the sprayer guns plus the pressure tank for paint is within your reach.

Thus, you can trust these brands and expect more than satisfactory performance from the recommended pressure pot and sprayer guns.

Buying Guide for the Pressure Pot Paint Sprayers

We have to admit that pressure pots for paint sprayers aren’t as common as conventional or HVLP sprayers. Hence, selecting the right pressure-pot paint sprayers for your painting job might be difficult for you.

You might find it daunting to identify which feature to look at and which not to for the right pressure pot.

So, we decided to save your back with this detailed buying guide. When you decide to buy the pressure pot and sprayer gun, consider the following points.

1. Pressure tank capacity:

The pressure tank is the most important part of the entire pressure pot plus spray gun setup.

Hence, you need to determine what size pressure tank is suitable for your job since it will hold the required paint with the pressure.

The capacity of the pressure tank varies from 2 quart to 2.5-gallons or even more. First, decide your painting requirements.

Do you want to get a paint sprayer pressure tank for industrial and commercial painting jobs? Or do you need one for small home improvement?

Well, for home improvement and renovation jobs, a 2-quart pressure tank is suitable. For commercial purposes, choose the bigger tanks, such as 2.5 gallons or more.

2. Construction material:

Since the pressure pot holds the required paint fluid and is designed to work in a high-pressure rating, its construction quality is also crucial.

If the pressure tank is made of inferior materials, it won’t last long and won’t be safe to use.

Try to get a pressure tank made of premium stainless steel or thickened material. Also, check the quality of the construction so that it won’t blast or blow away while painting.

For this, check the working pressure rating and also maintain the recommended pressure settings for durability.

3. Spray nozzle:

Almost all pressure pot offers a complete setup that includes both the pressure tank and the spray nozzle. That’s why you should look at the spray nozzle carefully. Check its compatibility with different nozzle tips.

Choose a spray nozzle with a bigger tip for large commercial jobs, such as 1.5mm to 1.8mm. For minor touchups, get a smaller nozzle tip such as 1.2mm to 0.9mm if you need a pressure pot and sprayer.

Also, ensure that the pressure nozzle has enough width for the spray pattern. A wider spray pattern will help in your painting jobs better with added liberty.

4. Hose length:

The spray pot comes with two hoses assembled with the package. One hose transfers the pressure into the tank, and another delivers the paint fluid to the sprayer gun for your painting jobs.

It is crucial that you get a longer hose assembly so that you can move freely while painting. If the hose is too short, it will limit your mobility.

Ideally, you should get a hose of at least 5ft in length. However, commercial sprayers will have 10ft to 12ft length hose for maximum mobility.

5. Weight and portability:

The pressure tank and the sprayer setup are not lightweight materials. Hence, you need to focus on the weight of the entire package.

It is important if you want to paint a large area where you will have to move frequently.

If the tank weight is too heavy, you will soon get exhausted while moving the sprayer setup.

Also, the tank capacity contributes to its overall weight. Thus, be aware of it so that you can still move freely with the tank capacity.

How Does A Pressure Pot Spray Gun Work?

The spray gun attached to the pressure port is fed by the pressure coming from the tank. Then, the paint molecules and the sprayer are charged.

Since both the paint droplet and sprayer have the same charge, they will repel for atomization. It results in a perfect mixture, and therefore, the nozzle can spray the finest paint for a great finish.

On the contrary, the painting surface will be neutral and have the opposite charge of your fine spray paint. So, the spray paint molecules will attract the paint surface, and so, they will stick to each other with superior cohesion.

While working, both the spray gun and paint molecules will lose electrons and be negatively charged. On the contrary, the painted surface will gain electrons.

So, it will have a positive charge. Since positive and negative charge attracts each other, you will achieve the paint finish you want.

Also, the improved cohesion ensures a durable paint finish.

Since the pressure pot has a pressure gauge, you can perfectly adjust the required pressure to charge the molecules. It helps the paint to atomize and achieve a uniform look.

Best Paint Applications For The Pressure Pot Sprayers

Pressure pot feed spray guns are incredibly versatile and offer multipurpose applications. The perfect atomization of the spray paint materials into their molecular forms offers long-lasting durability and an attractive appearance.

You can use the pressure pot feed sprayers for the following painting jobs:

  1. Latex paint
  2. Topcoats
  3. Base coats
  4. Sealer and primer
  5. Stains and liquors
  6. Epoxies

You will find the best usability of the pressure pot sprayers for automobile ad wall spraying and painting jobs. Nonetheless, you can also use it for furniture painting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best pressure for your paint spray guns?

The recommended pressure for the sprayer gun depends on their different painting applications.

For instance, a clear coat will need 28-30PSI pressure. On the other hand, the HVLP sprayer’s recommended working pressure is 30-40PSI.

How much is CFM needed for spray painting?

When working with a pressure feed spray gun, the CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute measurement is crucial.

It refers to the air moving for each minute. It is as important as the PSI rating for paint spray guns.

The recommended CFM rating is 10-12CFM for pressure feed sprayers. But some sprayers will still work fine even at 6-8CFM.

Can I keep the paint material in the pressure pot?

Yes, you can keep the paint material inside the pressure tank but not for a longer period.

Usually, you shouldn’t keep the paint inside the pressure tank for more than 12 hours or overnight. Or the paint will start degrading and won’t be usable.

Final Words

A pressure tank with a pressure gauge and regulators will allow you to control the air pressure with excellent precision.

Hence, when the pressure tank combines with the right sprayers, you will find the best paint finish.

Therefore, we have reviewed the five best pressure-pot paint sprayers that will transform your painting jobs into a convenient and straightforward experience.

You can use these superior sprayer guns with various paint materials and almost on all surfaces. On top of it, you can even use these sprayer guns with pressure pot attachments for painting cars, furniture, and indoor and outdoor walls.

Thus, we aspire that you find this review for the pressure pot sprayers useful for your commercial, industrial, and residential painting jobs.